Fight Hunger for Valentine’s Day Flowers Discount

Embark Flowers, a Houston Florist, is joining in on the holiday spirit of helping to fight hunger this Valentine’s Day. In exchange for a non-perishable food donation to their Bunker Hill location, you will receive a 10 percent discount off your flower arrangement through Valentine’s Day. 

They are open to accept donations M-F from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 

This is a great way to help those less fortunate, and instead of gouging customers like usual around Valentine’s Day, Embark is giving customers a break while helping others. 

This is an impressive demonstration of the spirit we support at Lose Weight Fight Hunger, to help others in as many ways as possible. If you live in the Houston area and haven’t ordered your flowers yet, I highly encourage you to support this businesses valiant effort to fight hunger. 

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Run to Fight Hunger

Joseph Henry probably doesn’t need to lose weight, but he is making a pretty impressive commitment to help fight hunger. In a great follow up to the Stefaan Engels story from yesterday, this UAB Public Health graduate is making a more direct effort to reduce hunger with his endurance. 

He is planning on running 500 miles to raise money for the United Nations World Food Programme. His journey will begin in front of the White House, and end in Ontario, Canada at the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit. I personally would have picked a time of year with better weather for that journey, but that is just a referendum on his commitment to the cause. 

He will run 30 or so miles per day, and make several stops at universities along the way. 

You can donate at his website, hunger500, which I strongly encourage you to do. 



Just one more creative way someone is helping to fight hunger

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Souper Bowl of Caring to Fight Hunger

It is a good thing the super bowl is held on a Sunday, because otherwise I think the government would have to concede that it’s popularity as the singular most important sporting event in the United States (sorry World Cup) warrants holiday-esque status.

What better way to celebrate that pseudo holiday of indulgance and merriment than by giving to those less fortunate than yourself. The Souper Bowl campaign, aims to transform the weekend into the “largest celebration of giving and serving”. As of this writing, the group is having impressive success, raising $2,201,960 to fight hunger. What is really impressive is that the money was raised by 461 groups, stories about some of which are linked to below. While many are rushing to ensure the chips and dip are ready in time for kick-off, these groups thought beyond themselves and donated to the cause. 

They ambitiously hope to raise $11,000,000 and I sincerely hope they are successful in turning what is otherwise a purely hedonistic event into an opportunity to improve the lives of others. 

Some good stories I found in a quick search for the Souper Bowl

South Carolina

Salt Lake City

New York

As always, keep checking back here for more efforts to improve your life and improve the world. Lose Weight Fight Hunger

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One year of Marathons

Have you ever run a 5k?

How about a marathon?

Have you ever done it for 365 consecutive days? 

A 49 year old Belgian man, Stefaam Engels, completed that feat today. He did it in 7 different countries and according to the AP wanted to be an example for others. 

A broken leg delay the accomplishment by a year. 

Pretty amazing. I think I need to at least go workout this afternoon. If he can do 4 hours or so of running each day, I’d hope I could ask myself to do a half hour. 

What are you going to do everyday for the next 365 days? 

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Eat your Chia Pet

Apparently, that is what some are suggesting. The seed of the popular toy-plant may have appetite suppression properties stemming from its high insoluble fiber content. It is also rich in ALA and relatively high in protein. 

The New York Times wrote about it today, citing a paper from 2009 refuting the claim that it could have any significant impact on weight loss or health outcomes. 

I was curious about eating something so adorable, so I read the paper. I was not impressed with the methodology that produced such bland findings. 

You can read about it on the main Lose Weight Fight Hunger blog, as well as watch the original Chia Pet commercial. 

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Growth Stunting

When thinking about hunger and food insecurity, it is intuitive to believe that those affected will be underweight. This may not be entirely accurate however, especially for children. 

A recent World Food Programme article suggests that growth stunting may actually be more indicative of nutritional insufficiency than being mathematically underweight. This deviation from the growth curve can apparently have significant detrimental long term health outcomes if not corrected quickly. 

The fight against stunting is making progress in many regions, but the progress in Africa has lagged behind. 

I hope to explore this concept further in the Lose Weight Fight Hunger blog, as growth stunting as a measure of nutritional insufficiency may be a more useful tool by which to examine the true extent of the hunger epidemic. 

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Phoenix Zoo Fights Hunger

When I was a kid, there were few things that brought more joy to my life than a trip to the zoo. 

For the rest of January, the Phoenix Zoo is collecting canned food for local food banks with a goal of collecting 40,000 pounds of food. Each canned food item, up to 5 items, will save $1 off the cost of admission! 

The zoo is a great place to walk around and get exercise, especially during the mild Arizona winter, so if you go before February, it really is a great opportunity to lose weight and fight hunger

Check out the Phoenix Zoo for hours and other details. 

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