Endobarrier alternative to gastric bypass

I don’t know anything about this, but wanted to make a quick note. I don’t endorse surgical weight loss of any kind unless it is medically indicated for a health condition. I don’t debate its efficacy or safety, it is really just an idiosyncratic personal position on the matter. 

That being said, this sounds interesting because it is less invasive, while maintaining the same physiologic principle as gastric bypass. The small plastic band prevents food absorption, and as we all know, less absorption means less storage of excess calories. It will be interesting to watch as the obesity epidemic continues to present a burden to health how medical technology attempts to address the common inability to maintain or return to healthy weight through diet and exercise. 

The sample size of 15 is way too small to make any conclusions about, but with promising results, it was interesting enough to make a note of. 

I will eventually be doing a more comprehensive review of surgical weight loss on the main Lose Weight Fight Hunger site, but until then you can check out the Endobarrier overview page

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