Something to think about this Valentine’s Day

We all know what the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are. Overpriced roses, half your body weight in a heart shaped box of chocolates, those little heart candies with writing on them that actually taste terrible, etc. Valentine’s Day is possibly one of the more widely recognized holidays in the United States because of its purely secular and apolitical nature. Everyone wants to be loved. 

The expression of that love is interesting to consider. The “meaning” of a gift is usually related to the relative cost of the gift. If Steve Jobs gives you an iPod, it doesn’t carry the same punch as getting one from your parents who worked extra shifts so you could have the gadget you pined for, for example. Gifts don’t always need to be grandiose expressions of the continued assault on your bank account or credit card, but, as this New York Times article states, “psychological and intangible” as well.  

Its not reasonable to expect people to abandon the flower shops, candy stores, teddy bear factories or jewelers, but you can’t blame me for putting the idea into the universe and seeing what happens. Maybe postpone the night out on the town until life has gone back to normal later in the week and help out at a food kitchen with your date or skip the chocolates this year and instead make a donation to the World Food Programme on your loved one’s behalf. These may not be the things that movies are made of, but can be rather touching for your partner to see. 

In any case, Happy Valentine’s Day from us at lose weight fight hunger


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