Souper Bowl of Caring to Fight Hunger

It is a good thing the super bowl is held on a Sunday, because otherwise I think the government would have to concede that it’s popularity as the singular most important sporting event in the United States (sorry World Cup) warrants holiday-esque status.

What better way to celebrate that pseudo holiday of indulgance and merriment than by giving to those less fortunate than yourself. The Souper Bowl campaign, aims to transform the weekend into the “largest celebration of giving and serving”. As of this writing, the group is having impressive success, raising $2,201,960 to fight hunger. What is really impressive is that the money was raised by 461 groups, stories about some of which are linked to below. While many are rushing to ensure the chips and dip are ready in time for kick-off, these groups thought beyond themselves and donated to the cause. 

They ambitiously hope to raise $11,000,000 and I sincerely hope they are successful in turning what is otherwise a purely hedonistic event into an opportunity to improve the lives of others. 

Some good stories I found in a quick search for the Souper Bowl

South Carolina

Salt Lake City

New York

As always, keep checking back here for more efforts to improve your life and improve the world. Lose Weight Fight Hunger

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